Clamping unit for FRIALEN spigot saddles SA UNI / ASA UNI

For the assembly of FRIALEN spigot saddles SA UNI d 250 – d 900 with outlet d 90, d 110, d 125 and d 160. The tool is delivered in a transport box.

For the processing of FRIALEN spigot saddles SA UNI with UNITOP clamping unit but without using FRIAMAT fusion units ADWL angled fusion adapters for socket contacts 4,0 mm (Order Ref. 613241) may be required.

For the processing of FRIAFIT spigot saddles ASA UNI d 630 - 900 with outlet d 160 / SDR 17 an additional adapter (Order Ref. 613839) is required and has to be ordered separately.

Order ref. Design Article description Unit type w dd d1/DN d Thread Pipe d1 d2 Type DN R Rp Flansch_DN Flansch_PN Bereich einbaul RD_in_m Dimension Dimension Marking Ø Pipe Stock-
PU PU repair areaRepair areadR Lmin Lmax D d3 L Range of tolerance d/pipe L1 L1 LP t t1 t2 z z1 z2 z3 h h1 h2 d x s Bundled coil lengthwith safety Circuits Connections Manholeheight Manhole diameter WPconnecting pipe D1/D2 Operating pressurerange pmin - pmax VN b1 B dk di SDR SW1 SW2 Z durch_k s s1 s2 tmin tmax durchm_laenge A H1 H2 x y L2 H Holes forscrew D1 D2 D3 F b B1 B2 WSin mm Drilling
Ø da
e Turns
Innen_Kugeldurchgang t1 min t1 max t2 min t2 max Weight
Screws (pc. / size) Anzahl de Description Outlet dimension Basic size Reducer spherical shells Loaner c k l l1 l2 r Loop core diam. in mm E1 E a Artikelcode
613385 UNITOP Aufspannvorrichtung von d 250 - d 900 1 24.800
613241 ADWL Winkeladapter für Buchsenkontakte 4,0 mm 1 0.200
613839 Aufspann Adapter für den Abgang der Stutzenschelle ASA UNI d 160 1 2.200

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